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The Business Aviation Summit is the premier way to meet, interact with and learn from directors of maintenance and owners in the business aviation community. It is a unique opportunity to spend time with your peers who do exactly what you do – and you will do it in a way that focuses on how you can help each other. In just two days, you will roll up your sleeves for an interactive experience where you will meet industry professionals and new suppliers. You will walk away with new ideas, and this is all at no cost to you or your organization.


Over 48 hours, you are going to meet with owners and maintenance directors from around the country. You are going to learn and be presented with products and services that will help you solve your business challenges. In addition, we will have matched discussions to talk with others who are working to overcome the same obstacles that you are facing, giving everyone the opportunity to share what is working and what is not.


The Summit team reviews your application to understand more about you, your business and how we can support your initiatives. Based on your application and then a selection process, we develop a custom agenda that introduces you to the people you are interested in meeting, and who are interested in meeting with you. You will spend two days in interactive and topical meetings, meals and social functions, resulting in fresh insights, new ideas and practical takeaways to improve your business operations. You will learn more in 48 hours than you ever thought was possible!

What’s ThE Catch?

There is none. You are going to meet with others who do what you do and who can help you. You are going to meet with others you can help, as well as with suppliers and service providers. The Summit team makes all this happen in a way that is going to meet your needs, and all at no cost to you or your company.


To be eligible, you must direct, manage or be a decision-maker for maintenance at a business aviation organization that owns and operates aircraft. Your title should be Director of Maintenance, Owner, Vice President, or you should have a minimum of five years in the business aviation industry. Additionally, you must be willing to share, interact, and be actively
seeking information about products
or services that can help you in the next 6-18 months.



Our Team

Katie Sieracki

Vice President of Summit Operations

O: 847-773-0147

Lara Garay

Community Development Exectuve

O: 847-423-5130

Zach Kacey

Community Development Executive

O: 847-423-5123

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